Sesame Street Seasons Cricut Cartridge

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Keep your creative projects going year-round with the Sesame Street Seasons cartridge. This cheerful cartridge is filled with the characters of Sesame Street, including Elmo, Big Bird, Zoe, Grover, and more. The cartridge also contains layered props, 3-D accessories, and words in English and Spanish for every season.

This cartridge includes: Layer 1, Layer 2, Word, Prop, Prop Layer, and Shadow creative features.

This cartridge requires the use of a universal keypad overlay.

We’re making it easier than ever to use our cartridges! The new universal keypad overlay offers a consistent, simple format for all cartridges launched after August 1, 2013. Going forward, you’ll only have to learn, organize, and store one overlay, instead of a specific overlay for every cartridge.

Eliminating cartridge-specific overlays also enables us to make the cartridge packaging smaller, keeping cartridges at an affordable price point. Less packaging is also more environmentally friendly.

This move to a universal keypad overlay reflects our larger commitment to creating the easiest-to-use cutting machines and cartridges on the market. We will continue to innovate to make being creative even easier for you.


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