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Home Organization & Decor Cartridge Set

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Product Description

Keep your home organized, running smoothly and decorated to perfection! This set includes the Days & Dates, Home Organization, and Wall Décor & More cartridge.

Add an imaginative twist to numbers, days of the week, months and other calendar elements with the Days & Dates cartridge. The Home Organization cartridge’s modern, clean design of these elements will brighten up your scrapbook layouts, cards, invitations, count-down calendars, and more.  The labels are simple, clean, and modern, while the easy-to-recognize graphics will help even the littlest members of the household keep things tidy. Whether you’re labeling a basket or creating a chore chart, this cartridge will help your family banish clutter and simplify your lives! Add a dash of sophistication to your home! The Wall Décor and More cartridge was designed with beauty and elegance in mind.

Set includes:

  • Cricut cartridge, Days & Dates
  • Cricut cartridge, Home Organization
  • Cricut cartridge, Wall Décor & More


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