New Cartridge Scrapbook Layout


My Princess Scrapbook Layout Project

One of my favorite ways to de-stress is by creating with my Cricut®. Lately I seem to be creating tons of projects but neglecting to scrapbook my memories on paper. Provo Craft has come out with a new cartridge called “The First Few Years,” and looking through the handbook inspired me to get back to scrapbooking my experiences. I’ve decided to schedule in an hour a week where I can create something magical on paper while I still remember all the funny comments and stories. This week I chose to create a princess layout using one of the many layouts offered in this new cartridge.

Brief Overview:

“The First Few Years” Cricut cartridge provides fifty different scrapbook layout ideas. This cartridge is a part of the Cricut Everyday collection and comes with several images, patterns, tags, frames, phrases, and a font with a shadow. A few examples of the shapes that can be cut with this cartridge are a bow, bear, swimsuit, dump truck, dog, crown, ice cream cone, home, cupcake, diaper, bed, school, tooth, moon and stars, train, sailboat, pants, bib, and clock. A few examples of words and phrases that come with this cartridge are Time Flies, Hello Sunshine, Cuddlebug, Bon Appetit, Special Delivery, Sweet Boy, Kid Style, and the days of the week. Although many layouts are focused on a child’s early years, others can be used at any time in a child’s life. Follow the suggested layouts for a quick scrapbook solution or mix and match pieces of the suggested layouts to customize your scrapbook page. 


The scrapbook layout I chose to start with is found on page 45 of the handbook and has a chevron pattern in it. I’m in love with chevrons and wanted to use this layout as my inspiration for my first scrapbook page from this cartridge. I chose my papers and decided to switch the phrase to “Our Princess” instead of “Kid Style.” After cutting the princess phrase, I switched the word “Our” for letters spelling “my.” I also used the font shadow to help the phrase pop on my layout. I changed the suggested swimsuit images to a crown and hearts since these shapes fit my princess page better.


Supplies: patterned cardstock, solid cardstock, embellishments (if desired), tape runner, glue pen.

1  Using a paper cutter, cut a 2” border from red patterned paper and a 4” border from green polka-dot paper and place them on the left side of a piece of brown striped cardstock. Using the paper cutter, cut one 6 x 8” solid brown rectangle.

2  Referring to page 45 in the cartridge handbook, cut a 1” tag from the green polka-dot paper and a bow from the red patterned paper. Cut a 2” title block. Cut a chevron pattern and place it on the layout. When cutting the chevron pattern from a 12 x 12” paper, the machine will only cut an 11 ½” (fit to length) image. I cut a few of the zig zags in the middle, moved the strips towards the outside edges of the paper, and then covered the gap in the chevron pattern with my picture frame. This saved paper and gave the design the needed length.

3  Turn to page 40 in the handbook and cut out the following shapes from coordinating patterned paper: a 1 ¾” crown, a 1 ½” solid heart, a 2” solid heart, and a 7” frame.

4  Cut the “Our Princess” phrase found on page 40 and don’t forget to also cut out the blackout image for this phrase. If applicable, cut out the letters “m” and “y” to replace the word “Our.”

5  Lay everything out on the page, making sure the pieces are positioned correctly. Use the glue pen and tape runner to secure everything in place. Add embellishments or stickers if desired. Glue a photo into place and add some journaling.


Other ideas:

  • Use any of the frames and phrases on party invitations.
  • Use phrases on baby announcements.
  • Cut the frames smaller and use as journaling tags on scrapbook pages.
  • Copy any of the patterns to a card.
  • Cut out any of the phrases with iron-on vinyl and adhere them to a Onesie®, dress, or shirt.



This wraps up my exploration for the week. I hope you have enjoyed learning about “The First Few Years” cartridge, which is a wonderful resource when creating scrapbook pages. I love how easy it is to create each layout with the Cricut, and I’m going to add this cartridge to my collection of favorites.