Cricut® “Happy Birthday” Banner



Happy Birthday Banner


Spring brings birthdays, baby showers, weddings, and other occasions that need a banner to help create just the right atmosphere. I always seem to be digging into my craft room in the springtime, looking for a banner that will fit the party I’m throwing. Today I want to tell all my Cricut friends how to create their own trendy banner using the “Pretty Pennants,” “Extreme Fonts,” and “Ribbons and Rosettes” Cricut® cartridges. This banner was inspired by one that my friend Aly created. I quickly fell in love with hers and wanted to add her style of banner to my own collection.




Supplies: The Sweet Blossom Stack by DCWV, The Silky Smooth Neutral Stack by DCWV, burlap, twine, hole punch, hot glue, Cricut Tool Set
1 Look through the “Pretty Pennants” handbook and decide which pennant shape you want to use for the base of your banner. I chose Banner 2 on page 11. Cut thirteen 9” pennants from the Silky Smooth Neutral Stack.

2 Using the “Ribbons and Rosettes” cartridge and Sweet Blossom paper, cut a 2.5” rosette piece six times for each pennant. There are a variety of rosettes, so choose which one you like the best for each letter. I chose Rosettes scallop1, <scallop2>, <scallop3>, <Doily>, <bracket1>, <petal>, <crown2>, <scallop6>, <stamp1>, and <scallop8>. Use a Cricut tool if needed to punch out the smaller decorative cuts.

3 Cut one circular center <Scllp1Md> per rosette.

4 To create the rosettes,

a)      Hot glue the ends of each rosette piece together to create one long strip, making sure the ends don’t overlap too much.


b)      Accordion fold the strip of cuts and glue the ends together, creating a circle (see photo). Tip: Fold on tick marks.


c)      Force the bottom of the circle out, while the top folds in to create the center of your rosette (see photo). Tip. You’ll need to hold it with your hand while doing the next step.


d)     Hot glue a center circle onto each rosette. Tip: Rather than putting hot glue directly on the center circle, apply it first to the rosette and place the circle on top.


5 Using the “Extreme Fonts” cartridge, cut “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” in the Junior font at 4”. Glue one letter to the center of each rosette.


6 Hot glue a burlap square to each pennant base. Center a lettered rosette over each burlap square and hot glue it in place.



7 Hole punch the top corners of each pennant. Use twine to string the pennants together to make your banner.


Now that you have instructions on how to make this craft, I challenge all of you to create your own banner and post it on the Cartridges and More Facebook page. I would love to see what everyone creates!